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Welcome to our Online Community!

Our Mission:
To be the premier resource for education and training of medical, scientific, and research professionals, who want to master imaging technologies to more effectively use digital images to ask questions, report results and share the breakthroughs that enhance lives.

Do you find yourself
  • spending more time working with your digital images and putting your presentation or scientific poster together than you did doing your research?
  • opening Photoshop and thinking there must be something wrong with you because you don't understand all those tools and how to use them?

  • lamenting, more than once, that you don't want to become a Photoshop expert, you just want to use the program to help you do your job?
  • looking at other Photoshop educational courses or books, all written for creative users of the software, and wondering why hasn't anyone addressed the medical or scientific users of the programs?
                                           If any of the above sound familiar,
                           the Digital Imaging Institute for Science and Medicine
                                                is an organization for you.

    Learn how to use the right tool quickly and efficiently.

Why We Started The Digital Imaging Institute:

Most Photoshop and graphic software training currently provided is presented and designed by experts in the creative fields of digital imaging. While these instructors are experts in their respective fields, most of what is taught has no relevant use in clinical, research, educational or scientific fields of imaging.

Using Photoshop or any other graphic software program to create an image for a magazine ad has nothing in common with using that same program to present a clinical image for publication, a research image for a clinical trial or the use of images in patient and professional education.

We have gathered imaging experts across a wide range of medical, scientific and research specialties in an effort to create  a forum and exchange educational resources to improve health and better understand life. While the core faculty of the Digital Imaging Institute will provide a great deal of information and expertise, additional learning will be realized through the exchange of information and ideas as our members interact within this site.

Please review the "Why Become a Member" page for a list of benefits and resources and included in your Dii membership.


 "Our goal at the Digital Imaging Institute is to provide you with the knowledge to work with digital images quickly and efficiently, so you spend  your time using the tools you need to get the job done and less time trying to be a Photoshop expert."

                                  Mark Maio
                              Digital Imaging Institute, Inc.

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